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Le  «London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival» (Festival de films gays et lesbiens de Londres) propose, pour sa 23ème édition, toute une série de longs métrages, courts, ou documentaires, venus de 25 pays différents, afin de célébrer la richesse de la culture LGBT.
Y sera présenté notamment en AVANT-PREMIERE MONDIALE un documentaire sur les sous-cultures queer en Europe : "Travel Queeries" d'Elliat Graney-Saucke (2009, 75min) projection le 26 et 27 mars 2009 (lire plus bas)

London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival du 25 mars au 8 avril 2009

Sur le web

En avant-première mondiale au 23rd London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

Travel Queeries
We are delighted to present the international premiere of this much anticipated film about radical queer subcultures in Europe. Filmed in the UK, Germany, Poland, Serbia, Spain, Denmark and Italy, this feature documentary explores the life, culture, art and activism of queer individuals and groups through interviews and accompanying animation, video-art and music videos. 'Queer' is explored as a political identity in modern urban Europe and the film documents radical and innovative actions and projects that for the most part are happening under the radar of the mainstream LGBT community; these include a queer anarchist black-lingerie block at London Pride, the queer squat scene, the first Serbian Pride and the 8th international Queeruption in Barcelona. The frank interviews focus on issues of language, nationality, art, anti-capitalism, race, gender and how the queer experience varies across Europe.
Nazmia Jamal

Travel Queeries d'Elliat Graney-Saucke (2009, 75min) le 26 et 27 mars 2009
International premiere of this film about radical queer subcultures in Europe > EN SAVOIR PLUS

(source : Têtu / www.bfi.org.uk/llgff/)

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